The Plumber Pro Bettor Mindset Trick

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The Plumber Pro Bettor Mindset Trick

This method shows you how to treat betting as a business in order to make successful long term profits

The vendor states, “In this book I am going to tell you how to trick your mind to operate as a pro bettor in much the same way as your mind would operate in any other self-employed profession, such as a “Plumber”, hence the title of this book. Ok, let ́s get into why it is so relevant to treat betting like any other self- employed profession. You do not see a self-employed plumber punch the air and celebrate when a customer pays him/her for completion of a job! Just the same as you do not see the plumber punch his/her phone screen and shout at it when he/she has to order and pay for a part! But most novice wannabe pro bettors do this kind of thing, they celebrate a win, and bemoan a loss. Actual pro bettors do not do this kind of thing at all. They do after a win, what a plumber does when he/she gets paid, NOTHING! Just moves onto the next job. In the pro bettor ́s case, the next bet. After a loss (paying for a part), also the plumber does not bat an eyelid, nor does the pro bettor. It is just an expenditure of the business. The next thing about the plumber’s mindset is to focus on what he/she knows: PLUMBING! Not electrics and plastering or any other stuff! ... A plumber is a specialist at his/her profession and has become very good at this by focussing professionally on only this, honing and improving this skillset. The pro bettor does the same. The pro bettor does not get involved with trying their hand at bitcoin or currency trading or drop-shipping or any other stuff. They dedicate themselves to becoming better at betting and keeping up with evolving methods in betting alone. Just as the Plumber needs the correct tools, so does the Bettor. Having the correct tools in any profession are an absolute must. If the plumber does not have the correct tools, he/she will struggle to do the job correctly, if at all. This therefore applies to the pro bettor. Now if you apply all of this, and more as covered in the method, then you have the “plumber pro bettor mindset trick” implemented and are well on your way to having a better chance at becoming successful in the long term. Plus, you now have given yourself a leg up and huge advantage over all of the vast majority of “clown” bettors! Well done and best wishes on achieving your goals!


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  • The Plumber Pro Bettor Mindset Trick
    The Plumber Pro Bettor Mindset Trick

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