Lifetime Best Lay System

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Lifetime Best Lay System

Would 44 consecutive winning bets grab your attention?

The information below is from the original advert by the vendor. Would 44 consecutive winning bets grab your attention? The vendor of this impressive method states, "We have seen many laying systems over the years but nothing prepared us for what we have witnessed over the last 9 weeks since first being approached with the "Lifetimes Best Laying System". The author was very excited and making very good personal profits from his new laying method. The author has bet himself on every selection listed. This is a Very Logical System. This system identifies horses that will have to put in the best run of their lives or a lifetimes best performance if they are to have any chance at all of winning the race. By identifying these horses that have a mountain to climb, the system has enjoyed an incredible strike rate of 92%, with 75% of the selections not even placed. The method is so robust that if it had had twice as many losing bets it could still show a profit. Bets Proofed In Advance - The vendors have provided results going back to 25th June, but they only started monitoring the proofed selections on the 20th of August. They were impressed by the figures that they had been shown for the period 25/6 to 20/8, but never expected that the system would actually improve on those. Below is a summary of results: Total bets 487 Losing bets 39 Strike Rate 92% Longest losing run = 2 Longest winning run = 44 Actual Profit Laying the Win to £100 = £25,000 Result Accuracy - The results have been calculated after taking off the Betfair commission (a £100 lay is counted as £95 profit if successful). The odds used are those that were genuinely obtained by the author on the day, not theoretical odds or the lower odds of SP. The results can be verified when you have the system as 100% accurate. We are always asked, is this system hard to operate? - This system is very well written, very clear to understand and should not give you any problems. Reduce Your Risk With Two Low Risk Staking Plans. We all know that laying horses can be a risky business especially if you are laying high odds to level stakes, so included in this system are two low risk staking plans. Ultra Safe Staking System - The first and highly recommended plan reduces the stake as odds increase thus limiting your exposure to big losses, this is a very cautious plan that builds profits more slowly but guards against damaging losses. Lay for Place Staking - The second method, and my favourite, is to lay place. This is like the place part of an each way bet turned around, your liability is usually between a quarter and a fifth of the risk of a win lay. There are more lays that will lose but each time you pay out you are only paying out a quarter to a fifth. The strike rate for this type of bet is 75% and the maximum payout odds are 5/2, expressed at 3.5 at Betfair. Using this staking method, since 25/6 to 30/10, from 487 selections, 365 were successful giving a 75% strike rate and a profit to £100 lays of £19,000.

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  • Lifetime Best Lay System
    Lifetime Best Lay System

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