The Inevitable Payout

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The Inevitable Payout

This method has been described as "the most reliable and most profitable betting system ever published".

This method for the National Hunt and Flat has recently been advertised by Guest. "From 1992 to June 2007 and it is still winning. It has to be the most reliable and most profitable betting system ever published". The vendor states, "For the very first time, a truly infallible approach which totally eliminates the hazards of gambling and allows you to win big money every week of every year – All True!"


"Never has there been an offer such as this before. Once it is put into operation, The Inevitable Payout will give you such an incredible advantage that you will be doing just that – Winning for Life! For more than two decades now, The Inevitable Payout has managed to constantly predict three winners from every four selections! And the sensational money making king has never failed to provide a yearly yield of at least 650 Points Clear Net Profit! These are facts".


The vendor advises that they will pay £5000 to anyone if they find that the results are not exactly as stated in the circular.


"Such is the sheer innovative quality of The Inevitable Payout that it has never failed to win over ANY given period since 1992. Name any month, any season, any year and large numbers of good priced winners have always given excellent cash rewards".


This Year: Winners up to 100/1 & 385 Points ahead to One Point Stakes.If you thought the Bookies couldn’t be beaten – Think Again!


Please see the circular for the yearly profits, which have varied between 686 Points and 923 Points. "These figures speak volumes for themselves. Literally dozens and dozens of other big winners this year, including ones at 9/1, 8/1, 7/1 etc – whilst the vast majority have been returned better than 2/1. No wonder the profits are so high.


"The inevitable Payout can be operated from any daily newspaper and no matter which one is used, everyone will always arrive at the same horse. The inevitable Payout is without fear a legitimate on-going money maker of profound proportions". Originally sold at £45. Castle price JUST £6


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    The Inevitable Payout

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