The Guaranteed Income For Life method

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The Guaranteed Income For Life method

This Consistent Method has an amazing STRIKE RATE of 81%!!!

The vendor of this method originally contacted Castle Sporting Services about six Months ago to advise us of the amazing results that the method has been able to consistently produce and we have been monitoring the results since this time – and they are truly amazing! The vendor states, “It is often quoted that on average about 27% of favourites win horse races. As a result of these figures, at least four of the systems that I have involve backing all favourites and stopping at a winner. Great, I thought, and then I ran into a losing run of 18 - because the trouble with these statistics is that they are like red buses – there are no winners for many races and then three come along at once.

“So, about three years ago, I started investigating exactly what the circumstances were surrounding these favourites and discovered some quite amazing statistics – statistics which I have not seen mentioned in this context anywhere else before. It is from these statistics that I have been able to develop my aptly named system – THE GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE METHOD.

In the three years that this method has been in operation, there has never been a strike rate of less than 78%, which occurred following two losses – a rare occurrence with this method




I had been made aware that the method produced fewer selections over the Summer months, which is why I delayed offering it for sale so that I could trial it myself when the number of selections increased.


I undertook an initial trial between 23rd October 2007 and 18th November 2007. During this period the results produced were as follows: Won 6/4, Lost, Won 1/2, Won 4/9, Lost, Won Evens, Won 11/10, Won 11/10, Won 8/13, Lost, Won 15/8, Won 8/13, Won 4/6, Won 10/11, Won 5/4, Won 5/4, Won 7/4, Won 5/4, 6/4, Won 8/11, Won 4/7, Lost and Won 4/7. Of the 23 selections there were only 4 of them that lost – That’s an incredible 83% STRIKE RATE.

This trial period was nothing unusual. Since the system came into operation, the Strike rate has been consistently high, with a longest losing run of only 2, but AN AMAZING LONGEST WINNING RUN OF 11. (Both of these were achieved during the winter months last year).


The vendor has expanded the system to increase the number of available races, which will enable increased selections over the Summer months. This makes the system a 12 Month Money Making Proposition, instead of restricting the selections to mostly National Hunt Racing. An added bonus of this recent change is that it has actually improved the Winning Strike Rate slightly! The premise on which this system is based logically guarantees its success – A success that has been consistently achieved over the last 3 years and is strongly expected to continue doing.

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Files included with this product

  • The Guaranteed Income For Life Method
    The Guaranteed Income For Life Method
  • The Guaranteed Income for Life Results
    The Guaranteed Income For Life Results
  • The Guaranteed Income For Life Code Sheet
    The Guaranteed Income for Life Code Sheet

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