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Refuse to Lose

A horse racing system that cannot lose is the dream of all bettors.

REFUSE TO LOSE - A Betting Method That Fights Back!


A horse racing system that cannot lose is the dream of all bettors. Some people would say that this is a pipedream and will never be possible. Our latest horse racing system strongly challenges this pessimistic view.


We are very pleased to introduce a new, novel and so far highly successful approach to horse racing betting.


The “Refuse to Lose� betting system is the brain child of Bernard Hibbert of Chester Racing Club. As the title suggests, the aim of the method is to avoid losing. It is a betting method that strikes back!


The Method achieves this by employing a clever yet cautious staking plan and combining it with a very high strike rate system that aims to instantly recover any short term losses. The system refuses to say goodbye to its money. With the losses eliminated, the profits are then yours to keep.


This is made possible because the method’s strike rate is very high, in the 80% region. That means that around FOUR OUT OF FIVE SELECTIONS ARE WINNING BETS! Normally, a strike rate this high is associated with systems that are laying horses to lose, but not in this case. With this method you are backing horses to win their races, which in the majority of cases they do.


Bernard Hibbert at Chester Racing Club is very excited by this new method, possibly because he has already made 1000 POINTS PROFIT FROM THIS METHOD SO FAR. See below for the results for the first 3 Months of operation:


December 2007  - 273.50 Points Profit = £13,675 PROFIT @ £50 A POINT


January 2008      - 413.75 Points Profit = £20,687 PROFIT @ £50 A POINT


February 2008    - 302.20 Points Profit = £15,110 profit @ £50 A POINT


was £95.00
NOW £25.00

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  • Refuse to Lose
    Refuse to Lose
  • Refuse to Lose Tipping Service
    Refuse to Lose Tipping Service

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