The Infra Draw Method / The Ultra Draws and Aways Method

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The Infra Draw Method / The Ultra Draws and Aways Method

On offer here are two pools methods for the price of one!

THE INFRA DRAW METHOD - This method was produced by Horace Batchelor and originally advertised on Radio Luxembourg in the 1950’s. His advertisements on Radio Luxembourg were broadcast several times during many of the top programmes and he always made sure that the cash was sent to the right address by carefully spelling out the name of his home town K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M, Bristol. It was a gimmick that made him more famous than the radio presenters of the day, who included Jimmy Saville and Pete Murray. Horace Batchelor "set a world record by personally netting more than 30 first dividends and thousands of second and thirds. Some pools firms, including Littlewoods, refused to take further entries from him because of his consistent success. Those declarations encouraged even more people to join his system. Such was his success that he couldn’t handle all the cash himself and set up an office in Old Market, Bristol, which during his heyday, up to 5,000 replies a day were delivered via Keynsham. His first major pools win came in 1948 when he won £11,321, with the other part of the £45,000 prize shared with his syndicate members. "By 1955 he had acquired enough cash to live in luxury, running three cars and puffing cigars in an 18 room house, and from there he later retired to a 27 bedroom "Bachelor Pad"… Batchelor died aged 78 and the premises were later converted into a luxury hotel". Horace eventually won over £12 million – what sum would that be worth today? Since those days, pools dividends increased ten-fold up until the launch of the National Lottery, when of course, they all declined rapidly when punters sought these elusive millions to be won every week.


However, just ask yourself this question – when was the last time you ever received even a tenner back from the National Lottery? Instead therefore, how would you like to participate in winning good dividends on the pools? If so, would you like a copy of the "Infra Draws System" and also a copy of the system used by a northern competitor at the time, namely Billy Snape’s "ULTRA DRAWS AND AWAYS PLAN". This particular plan selects just 10 matches every Saturday and was responsible for many major wins using just an 8 from 10 perrm (45 lines).

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  • The Infra Draw - Ultra Draws and Aways Method
    The Infra Draw - Ultra Draws and Aways Method

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