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Spot The Winner

Spot The Winner is an Amazing New Method that has shown an Incredible STRIKE RATE OF 86%!!!

During the Trial Period between 11th March and 22nd April, there were a total of 26 selections, of which only 4 lost. The Longest Winning Run was eight, closely followed by another Winning Run of seven. The longest losing run was only 1. Using reasonable Level Stakes Betting of £50 a selection, the Profits during the Trial Period of only six weeks would have produced A CLEAR PROFIT OF £971.45 – Not a bad Profit for only Six Weeks of Betting!!! And that is all Profit from the original £50 Stake, with future bets made out of the Profits! If the Method continues to produce profits like this, which the vendor expects it to do, then THE TOTAL PROFIT TO £50 STAKES WORKS OUT AT £8419 PER ANNUM. This isn’t a high risk method with increasing bets. No, this is a Steady Method that produces Profits regularly each week without any high risk strategies that some methods follow. Each Bet is made at Level Stakes and, with such a high strike rate, you can see how easy it is to build up profits over time. However, if you wish to use a Staking Plan alongside this method, then the benefits can be clearly seen when using a method with such a high Strike Rate. With such a low losing rate, even a simple “10% Staking Plan” could increase the Profits greatly, whilst still restricting the potential losses from an individual bet. The majority of Staking Plans on the Market would succeed in enhancing Profits with this Method.

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    Spot The Winner Results
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    Spot The Winner Method
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    Spot The Winner Code Sheet

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