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Money Talks By Anthony Gibson

This is a system from Anthony Gibson that was proofed to Racing Index. Profits up to £78,000!!!

Longest Winning Run 33 This is a Bet to Win or a Bet on Win and Place System. Based on the single most important guide to winners it requires a Racing Post or a visit to their Website. Bets can be placed live OR BEFORE RACING STARTS. Anthony has been proofing to Racing Index but the bets on his site have been monitored since the end of 2007. Of the Bets so far proofed to the Racing Index, three quarters have come in FIRST. This is not a surprise as the Winning Ratio with Money Talks is 67%. This Ratio increases to 88% when also betting on a Place. In the first 12 Months of Operation there were 656 Bets of which 436 Won Outright, rising to 576 Winning Bets when also betting the Place. PROFITS BETWEEN £24,000 AND £78,000!!! For the period to the end of April 2008 (13 Months) over £24,000 Profit has been made to £100 Level Stakes on the Win Bets. This Profit rises to over £78,000 Betting to the recommended Staking Plan on Win / Place Bets. The System comes to you in the form of an extensive well described manual that has received positive approval from early readers of it. Anthony Gibson Explains: "The Money Talks System" has been a couple of years in development. I have noted for many years that certain things in racing remain constant and I see no reason why these factors should change. The problem was how to exploit these factors and turn them into a Profitable Strategy. Within the Manual I am providing you with this strategy - A Rock Solid, Common Sense approach to betting that is amazingly simple to operate and yet one of the most effective and profitable methods you are ever likely to purchase. It is not a mechanical, systematic approach. However, the rules of selection can easily be followed and, with a little practice on your part, you will be backing winners (or placed selections) on a regular basis. There is surely no better feeling than knowing your next winner is just around the corner. As you will see from the list of results, which are all back checkable, all winning and losing bets are recorded within the figures which are (I believe) outstanding. Summary of Results during trial year. Backing the Selections Win Only 366 Days Betting 656 Selections - 438 Winners - 67% Strike Rate Longest Winning Sequence 15 £21,923 Profit to £100 Level Stakes Backing the Selections Win and Place (All explained in the Manual) 366 Days Betting - 656 Selections - 576 Winning Bets 88% Strike rate - Longest Winning Sequence 33 £72,000 Banked Profits Staking 10% of your Bank

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    Money Talks
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    Money Talks Code Sheet

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