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The Cambridge Target System

"£193,000 PROFIT IN 11 MONTHS USING STAKES OF £33, £50 AND £100. Not Possible? That's what we thought, until we saw THE CAMBRIDGE TARGET SYSTEM"

THE CAMBRIDGE TARGET SYSTEM is described as THE SYSTEM OF THE DECADE £193,000 PROFIT IN 11 MONTHS USING STAKES OF £33, £50 AND £100. Not Possible? That's what we thought, until we saw THE CAMBRIDGE TARGET SYSTEM by Roger Purssord. To put it simply:THIS IS THE MOST PROFITABLE SYSTEM EVER PUBLISHED!  Have you ever before seen a system using bets as small as £33, £50 and £100 that has made over £22,000 profit in just one month and over £12,000 profit in its worst month? Roger Purssord has made his living from mathematics. He explained that he had taken "a tried and trusted idea into the modern era". He had followed his formula since June 2007 to the end of the year (7 months) and he had recorded an astounding profit of £131,870 using £33 to £100 stakes! Too good to be true? So what do you need to do to achieve these incredible results? Apart from purchasing the system and a daily newspaper, what else will it cost you? The answer is basically “ Time. The method does involve following the live betting, but you do not have to spend the whole afternoon and evening doing it. The method gives you daily profit targets for each racecourse. Once that target has been achieved “ you stop. Also, you do not have to bet every day. “excellent profits can be achieved by betting just one day a week. The chart reproduced in the circular provides a day by day breakdown of profits made, which shows that you could have made £45,000 in just 48 Saturdays. That's an average of £937.50 for each of the Saturdays! These results suggest that the asking price of £95 could be seen as a giveaway in the Long Term. Roger Purssord's detailed comments reproduced in the circular, which covers the following key points of the System: During the period 1st June 2007 to 30th April 2008 (11 Months) the System has produced 1930 Points Profit. You DO NOT have to watch every race for this system to work. The system can be used just one day a week to make huge profits and it also works the same for evening meetings as it does for the afternoon meetings. The system does not rely upon big priced winners. These will happen, but the average odds for winners is between 5/2 and 15/2. The system works on all types of races. The best results are obtained by following a day's racing from the first race, but you DO NOT have to spend the whole afternoon or evening doing it. The system can be operated at race meetings, in betting shops or online. There has only been 5 days when there were no winners. Over the same period there were 279 winning days and 52 losing days. The longest losing run was just 4 days when a loss of 11 points was made. The longest winning run followed from 5th to 21st December, when a profit of 152 points Was made.  The Cambridge Target System will show you how to achieve amazing results with your betting.

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    The Cambridge Target System
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    Club Membership Sheets

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