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Stat Attack

STAT ATTACK was successfully tested in June and this was followed up to 28th July with a Profit of £7,507.70

This method was advertised in a circular, which provides information from an online review stating, "So, we've come to the end of our test of STAT ATTACK and we've had 30 betting days from 30, so right off the bat it's safe to say it's an ideal system for those that like regular action. Stat Attack is a 3 in 1 Laying System. The Author has devised three distinct strategies aimed at achieving significant long term profits. The three systems take all of two minutes to read, digest and understand and really are very, very simple to operate. Each system is completely independent of the other and you can choose to run any individual system or all three. For the trial I used all three and placed my bets automatically via Grey Horse Bot¦ The test started with a £2000 bank and £20 stakes. In the 30 days of action, we generated a smidge over 32 points Profit (with Betfair commission inc.) and just over 30 Points taking off 5% Commission, which is really quite impressive and meant a £643 Profit to £20 Stakes. There is little doubt that STAT ATTACK is Profitable and will continue to be in the future. The results from the turn of the year make for pretty interesting reading - £20,000 Profit to £100 Stakes. Had we been betting to £100 Stakes this Month, we would have made £3,215 which fairly closely mirrors the results that we would have expected. Now that's a damn fine monthly income!

was £75.00
NOW £25.00

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    Stat Attack
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    Stat Attack - Black Ink (For Printing)

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