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The Punter's Dream

This New Method has to be the most consistent system backing winners that we have come across!

THE PUNTER'S DREAM - The vendor of this New Method Advises, "It is every PUNTER'S DREAM to find a system that seldom loses“ - the one system where you can back the selections produced and be reasonably confident that your wager will be successful. We are all looking for that Amazing System, the one you knew all along would turn up, the one that instead of starting off well and making a small profit before fading away like an old friend, actually does the business time and time again. Well, by some extraordinary dint of good fortune and accident, I have found the method that does just that. I bought a system, of which I have many, skimmed it and completely misread (didn't read but assumed) what it stated. I worked back through old papers, applying the system I thought I had read and it won, and won again! I couldn't believe my luck in that, for a relatively small amount of money, I had landed that "Eureka" moment when all my searching for the perfect system was over. Then I re-read the system I had bought, found I had messed it up completely and worked the actual system back. It wasn't bad, but not that good either, with losing runs of three which, when you are backing two horses per race (I know what you're thinking, but hear me out), equates to a losing run of six! Since then I have applied my betting to this mistaken system and the results are astonishing! It works, I suspect, because it selects the most prominent race of the day where jockeys and trainers alike are after the money rather than handicap ratings etc., and, by filters, removes such races that are not too predictable. It also finds the prominent two horses for that race which have been selected by professional gamblers. By using the staking plan provided, the money for the losing horse is covered by the winnings and the odds are better than with any other system I have read that wins consistently. This method seldom loses! Recent winners have come in at odds of 5/4, 4/1, 6/5, 2/1, 13/10 and 4/5. Although the winning prices may not be huge, this method is a steady winner and it is satisfying to see the profits stacking up as you back with confidence. THIS METHOD HAS NOT LOST since we began proofing the results on 3rd July 2008 and has to be the most consistent system backing winners that we have come across.

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    The Punter's Dream
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    The Punter's Dream Code Sheet

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