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The Greyhound Wizard

The vendor of this method advises, "The betting system we are offering has a winning average strike rate in excess of 80%".

The vendor of this greyhound method advises, "we are offering you a valid and ethical way of earning a tax free income for very little effort on your part. The betting system we are offering has a winning average strike rate in excess of 80%. If you are sick and tired of losing time after time at the bookies or simply want to earn a decent, respectable income with minimum effort and hassle, this system is for you. Why bet on the greyhounds? In the majority of cases there are only a maximum of 6 runners in a race guaranteed. If you have tried horse racing, you are well aware how many runners are in direct competition with your selection 8, 10, 16 or more? So by betting on the greyhounds you are automatically increasing your chances of winning. But here's the best part “the Greyhound Wizard Betting System shows you how to cover 4 out of every 6 runners in a greyhound race to further increase your chances of winning. You can now start to see why this system has a consistent strike rate of over 80% - it is almost impossible for you to lose! By following the Greyhound Wizard Betting System, you will discover exactly how to beat the bookies at their own game. You will learn: how to select the best 4 greyhounds most likely to win (with great odds); how to make sure you recognise and avoid races that will lose you money; how to maximise your winnings with minimal risk; how an initial outlay of less than £100 can quickly build up into a respectable monthly income that anyone would envy; what online betting sites you can use to place your bets from the comfort of your own home. You do not need any experience whatsoever to benefit from this system. Very rarely is it possible to earn a decent tax-free income so easily and with little hassle.


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  • The Greyhound Wizard
    The Greyhound Wizard

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