The Curse of The Handicapper

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The Curse of The Handicapper

This Method boasts an incredible £190 A DAY PROFIT FOR THE LAST 210 DAYS! OVER £37,000 PROFIT IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS!

This is the latest system by Paul Fowlie that boasts an incredible £190 A DAY PROFIT FOR THE LAST210 DAYS! OVER £37,000 PROFIT IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS!


Paul Fowlie is Prolific Systems Writer who has proven to have The Midas Touch, with all of his ideas turning in to regular profits. This is fortunate for Paul as he relies totally on betting for his income. As a full time Professional Gambler, Paul is The Real Deal: 4 by 4 Car, Racehorse and a nice country house without a mortgage to pay on it – all this from a northern working class lad and all from betting. Revealing his ideas is a new venture for Paul and the quality of these ideas explains his personal success.


His new CURSE OF THE HANDICAPPER System is his most profitable yet with over £40,000 Profit so far this year. If you are not currently using any of Paul Fowlie’s Methods, read everything below and be prepared for your betting to be transformed.




A totally new system from Paul Fowlie


with over £40,000 profit since 1st January 2008.


With this new system for Laying Horses, Paul Fowlie has the knack of spotting the obvious. This is no doubt helped by the fact that he lives and breathes horse racing. His on course betting over the last 4 months has been proofed and he made a very satisfactory £12,734.


In this new system he has identified a dilemma that handicappers face every day, a dilemma that leads to errors in pricing horses. The system has made over £39,000 so far this year by exploiting this false pricing. This system, as with Paul’s other systems, is simplicity itself. Selections can be identified as quickly as you can read down a racecard and bets can be placed at any time.


Low Risk - Profits by month during 2008 are: January - £995.05; February - £8,066.92; March£4,372.88; April - £9,030.48; May - £1,966.83; June - £13,407.91; July to 28th - £2,934.60. All Profits quoted for this system are based on laying to £100, with Betfair commission taken off. The highest price that you will ever lay is 11/2, but the average lay is just 9/4.


Very Easy, No Computer Required – By using a Betfair Telephone Account the system can be used without a computer. In the past, those using a Betfair Telephone Account had to bet a minimum of £50.This has now been reduced to just £2. On the other hand, those who good with computers can use this method with a betting bot such as Grey Horse or simply place their bets in the usual way. Betfair Bets can be placed at any time and there is no need to follow the live racing.


There are quite a lot of bets – but to win £13,000, as the system did in June – and with each winning bet bringing in just £95, you need this number of bets (8-14 a day), which also helps to spread any risk. Do not think that this number of bets makes the system slow to operate – you can find all the qualifiers in a few minutes. Everyone will make exactly the same selections as the system is crystal clear.


No Special Newspaper – You require no special newspaper to operate this method. There is no staking system and no chasing losses. The Curse of The Handicapper can be read and understood in minutes and comes with every result so far, winners and losers. There is little else to say other than that with this method you are buying a proven method from an author with a proven track record.


System Price is Only Half of One Day’s Profit!!! This Method is competitively priced at JUST £75. As you will agree, this price seems ridiculously low for a system that has averaged £190 a day profit for the last 210 Days.

was £75.00
NOW £8.00

Files included with this product

  • The Curse of The Handicapper
    The Curse of The Handicapper
  • The Curse of The Handicapper Results
    The Curse of The Handicapper Results

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