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The Money Vault

The MONEY VAULT continues to produce AMAZING RESULTS that surpass the results of any other system that has passed through our hands.

You have an opportunity here to purchase a method that has been making amazing profits never seen before with other methods. Between 2nd February 2007 and 18th May 2007, the method amassed AN AMAZING PROFIT OF £60,110 IN 101 DAYS TO £20 LEVEL STAKES (£60 ON BANKER BETS). Discover the Key to the Money Vault - You can win £3,000+ every week using just £20 Stakes. Bernard Hibbert first became aware of the method when William Ball wrote him a letter, a copy of which can be obtained from ourselves. In this letter, William Ball advised, I can win between £3,000 and £7,000 each and every week by using £20 units. I am a Betting Analyst. I am in my 78th year and have used this method for many years as my father did before me. This method makes other systems being advertised in the Racing Post look like a teddy bear's picnic. I am positive it will never fail. He goes on to describe the background to the method and offers Bernard Hibbert the opportunity to sell the method on his behalf, an opportunity that Bernard took based on the amazing results. Winners mentioned in the letter included My Michelle @ 12/1 and Harry Up @ 5/1. On meeting William Ball for the first time, Bernard watched the Banker Bet win easily at 15/2. Bernard monitored the results from 2nd February and found that the method produced a profit of £32,750 in 43 Days to £20 Bets! Bernard states, Every week the success continues and I can easily believe his claim to have made a sizeable income over the years. The Money Vault was actually William Ball's own name for the method. He saw the Bookmakers as sitting on a vast pile of money every day and he could go along and help himself to his share on a regular basis. It's certainly a nice way of looking at it.

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  • Money Vault Free Package
    Money Vault Free Package
  • The Money Vault
    The Money Vault

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