Dodgy Favourites By Paul Fowlie

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Dodgy Favourites By Paul Fowlie

With an average of 13 Bets each week, each earning you £32+ then THE AVERAGE WEEKLY PROFIT IS £416.

PAUL FOWLIE SAVES THE BEST UNTIL LAST: Many of you will have seen and are making good profits from Paul Fowlie’s Systems. With Dodgy Favourites, he has saved the best until last. What is more this is an easy system to sell – the results speak for themselves. This is a safe, easy to use and highly profitable lay method.


No Dangerous Lays, only Racing Post Favourites


No need to watch live racing

Place bets before going to work

Average losing bets less than 7/4

£8,333 Profit at Betfair odds in 259 Bets

32.17 Average Profit every bet, win or lose

Average of 2 Bets each day and £416 Profit a Week


The selections found by this method are all favourites in the Racing Post, favourites that will be Layed. With Paul Fowlie’s new system there is a bigger twist than Agatha Christie ever came up with. After reading this method your possible first thought may be, "I’m confused, I should be backing these selections to win, not laying them to lose", but you would be seriously wrong.


The principle exploited by Paul is one to remember well and one that could save you a fortune in your future win bet selections.


As you are aware, the advantage of laying quoted favourites are the low odds that you have to pay out if a selection does win its race. With this system the average payout is just 2.72 in Betfair Decimal Odds equal to less than 7/4. There is therefore no need to worry too much about odds as they are all Racing Post favourites and prices are generally low.


Over the past 20 weeks, this method has found 259 Bets, which works out at around 13 Bets a week or around 2 bets each day. Of these 259 Bets, 199 Won £95 to £100 Stakes after deducting 5% Betfair Commission. This means that THE TOTAL WINNINGS ARE £18,905.


The average losing price was 2.72 on Betfair, which is less than 7/4. The total losses added up to £10, 320.


Therefore, THE SYSTEM MADE A NET PROFIT OF £8,584 OVER THE 20 WEEK PERIOD, which is the difference in Profit of £18,905 less £10,320.


The average profit of £32.17 represents a Return on Investment of 132.17%. This is exceptionally high for a Laying System. We recommend that you compare this figure with whatever you are achieving yourselves with your own chosen laying methods.


With an average of 13 Bets each week, each earning you £32+ then THE AVERAGE WEEKLY PROFIT IS £416.


A copy of the full results for the trial period will be sent out with all copies of this system, along with an additional package of free systems that we feel will aid you in making profits from the bookmaker.


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    Dodgy Favourites
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    Dodgy Favourites Results
  • 50 Systems Package
    50 Systems Package

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