The Sundial System by Steve Buckley

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The Sundial System  by Steve Buckley

The profit for this method in the first 14 months (Nov 05 to Dec 06) was 193 points from 307 bets.

Steve Buckley, the Author of this Method, is a prolific system writer with over 50 systems to his name. He originally came up with the idea for the Sundial system in November 2005.


This is a very simple, easy to use system that requires the Sun newspaper and the Daily Mail. Selections can be made very quickly and all users of the system will have no trouble arriving at the same selections as each other.


The Sundial System has been in operation since November 2005, a total of 19 months. In this period it has made a profit of 286.5 points. This works out at an average profit of over 15 points a month.


The profit in the first 14 months (Nov 05 to Dec 06) was 193 points from 307 bets. This year so far (to the end of May) there have been 101 bets which have given a profit of 93.5 points.


Any experienced system user will tell you that when you are nearly making a point profit for every bet placed then the return on investment is outstanding.Results


May - 54.54 points profit from 32 bets.


April - 10.62 points Profit from 14 bets.


March - 28.2 points Profit from 18 bets.


This is a 94 points profit from the last 64 bets, nearly a point and half for every bet placed.


BONUS SYSTEMS: As the Sundial System requires a Sun newspaper, we are offering a special bonus pack of two Sun systems from Barry Howell to all buyers. Barry is an avid systems writer and these very simple methods have all produced good profits in recent months.




All buyers of the Sundial System will receive two bonus systems from Barry Howell. Both of these system are based around using the Sun Newspaper. They are very easy to operate and selections can be found very quickly.




I would not be giving too much away when I say this system is based around the Sun Tipsters. It finds it’s selections in non-handicap races. In its three month trial period this system produced 78 bets. That is 3 to 4 bets each week. It’s strike rate is around the 60% mark with prices varying from 1/3 to 5/1. It’s longest losing run was 4 and the longest winning run was 7. Over this trial the system made 41.56 points. A full list of the trial results are included in the system.




The Titan is also a very simple method to operate. It will find a selection on most days but never more than one selection. The system selects winners in the 5/6 to 3/1 range and in the three months that it was tried out it made 44.97 points profit. It had a longest losing run of 6 and a longest winning run of 7 consecutive winners.


PRICE OF THE SUNDIAL SYSTEM :- £65 including the two free bonus systems.

was £65.00
NOW £20.00

Files included with this product

  • The Sundial System
    The Sundial System
  • The Seven Tipsters System
    The Seven Tipsters System
  • The Titan System
    The Titan System

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