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Formula2Win is a backing method that takes only a few minutes to operate.

The original advert states, "What I have here is a racing plan to help you accumulate more money and develop a better conditioning for money and how to run your own business enterprise. Formula2Win is a rational plan to invest in races that are in our favour. As in business, if things are in your favour the chances of winning in the longer term are strongly with you.


OK, so if you are looking for some good steady income and the chances to make it more full time then please read on. If you are looking for a huge windfall and to it on your bum, then forget it from this method.


For those that are prepared to work the system, you will be rewarded. And it is very easy to use – believe me, you will be up to speed in 5 minutes. Formula2Win has been created for the UK Racing Market. I have tried it on limited days on Australian racing and the results are there to suggest it will make a profit. It is reasonably easy to back test it, as the information is not hard to findâ€.

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