One Good Bet By Bernard Hibbert

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One Good Bet By Bernard Hibbert

Bernard advises that "Looking at Just One Good Bet a day this method turned my modest £200 bank into £2,905 (using just £20 stakes) during the main 2009 Flat Season (May to Sept

I'm increasing my stakes! Bernard advises, A retired bookmaker once told me particular method of betting that he disliked and certainly did not encourage. In fact, he went further and stated that if all his punters had used it correctly he would definitely not have been able to retire on the fat pension accumulated over many years from running his small chain of independent betting shops. If every punter was aware of this and did it properly there is no way I could win in the long term were the exact words he used. This sounded like good information to me. If the bookie doesn't like it this has to be good news for the punter! This method is very straightforward to operate. Bets are easily found and can be placed in the morning. It does not involve laying horses, dutching or following the live betting. The method is supplied with fully verified and checkable results which are not back-fitted or created in hindsight. These are genuine bets that I made myself at the time. This method can be used successfully all year round but I found it worked best for me during the main Flat season last year. I looked for just One Good Bet a day but certainly did not find one every day “in fact the average was around 4 to 5 a week. From my modest starting bank of £200 I invested £20 on each bet.This is what I achieved from May to September (inclusive) last year.  From a total of 84 bets 53 were profitable = 63% Total profit using £20 stakes = £2705 Return on investment = 161% Average profit per month = £541 Longest profitable run was 12 - Longest unprofitable run was 4 - To operate this method I use the Racing Post (newspaper or website) but you don't have to concern yourself with this unless you wish to. Along with the document detailing how I operate you will receive access to my daily selection service where I will personally tell you my One Good Bet for the day. So, win or lose, we will be betting on the same selections.A value investment. To receive the One Good Bet document, complete with full results for last year, and details of how to access daily selections for the complete 5 months season (May to September) costs just £95. The system is yours to keep and use profitably for years to come (the concept is not time sensitive and will always work). ORIGINALLY SOLD BY CASTLE FOR £95, THEN £25 - NOW ONLY £12.50

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