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The Pinnacle System

This method made a Profit of £4,200 to £50 Level Stakes during the 2 Month Trial Period!

This method has recently been advertised by Tony Gibson. In his circular, Tony states, “Mid way through September I was contacted by a gentleman called Keith Manley. He wanted to know if I would be interested in a system he owned that was making him an average of one point profit per day. Of course I was very pessimistic as the results sounded too good to be true.


On the 11th September, he started proofing the selections to me by phone. By the 25th September he had made 31.5 points profit. I realised the potential of the method and told him if he wanted me to sell the method on his behalf then he would have to proof the selections BEFORE racing commenced for a period of two months.


On the 25th September he started proofing the selections. By the end of the two month proofing period, the method had made a total of over 96 points profit, in line with the 1 point a day profit that he had predicted. He has operated the method for over two years and was 754 points up before the recent proofing period.


Following the proofing period, he is now 854 Points up. This would provide you with a profit of £42,700 to £50 level stakes. If Betfair had been used to back the selected bets then this would have brought about a profit of well over 1000 Points. Profits can also be enhanced using Irish Racing, plus other factors that are mentioned within the systemâ€.


Detailed results from 25th September are provided with the system showing how the Profit built up during the trial period, with continued profit expected over the coming months based on the past performance of the system.

was £45.00
NOW £18.00

Files included with this product

  • The Pinnacle System Results
    The Pinnacle System Results
  • The Pinnacle System
    The Pinnacle System

All files are in PDF format and are sent to you by email upon payment.

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