The Awesome Price Finder Racing System

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The Awesome Price Finder Racing System

This very latest system on offer has so far broken most of our records for profit making.

So what’s hot now? - The Awesome Price Finder Racing System!!! When first advertised, this system had broken most of our records for profit making. The Awesome Price Finder Racing System is a System Designed To Take Advantage of the Betting Exchanges and Their Superior Backing Prices. One Amazing day produced winners at 14/1, 16/1, 66/1, 16/1, 11/1 and 15/2!!! Have you had any winning days like this? Winners in one month came in at 9/2, 14/1, 8/1, 4/1, 4/1, 6/1, 7/2, 5/1, 20/1, 5/1, 20/1, 6/1, 5/1, 13/2, 7/2, 9/2, 4/1, 7/1, 5/1, 4/1, 12/1, 6/1, 5/1, 10/1, 4/1, 15/2, 40/1, 5/1, 8/1, 6/1, 4/1, 13/2, 20/1, 4/1, 5/1, 10/1, 10/1, 20/1, 7/1 - In describing how they became aware of this fantastic method, the vendors stated, "Recently we were approached by a former customer who informed us he had written a racing system that he claimed had made over 450 points and he was enquiring if we would help him to promote it. With a claim like this he had our attention immediately. The system he told us was designed to take advantage of the better prices that are freely available on the betting exchanges, mainly Betfair". I am sure that most of you will have had experiences laying horses on Betfair and will know how selections can be 10%, 20% or an even higher % when compared to SP and with the larger priced horses the difference can sometimes be much greater. This is all bad news to the layers but if you like the more traditional form of betting (backing horses) then this is great news. The secret to taking advantage of the great prices on offer is simple; you need decent priced winners and lots of them. The not so simple part is finding these winners. This is where ‘The Awesome Price Finder Racing System’ comes in. The author explained how he had been trialling many methods of finding these winners; he used some ideas that he had come across before and combined them with newer, original concepts. The ideas eventually came together. It was very time consuming and if you inspect the results that we include here you will see that a lot of time must have been needed to produce such detailed charts. The system is reasonably straight forward to operate. Just one particular daily tabloid is recommended and the main stipulation is in regards to the prices. Don’t let the number of selections put you off though because you will soon see on closer inspection of the results that decent priced winners are exactly what this system finds. This system has already had winners at 50/1, 66/1, 25/1, 16/1, 18/1, 12/1, 14/1 and so on. Most of these winners have come in on multiple times and they are still coming in. There have been plenty of placed horses too, so this system may have something more to offer than first meets the eye. This is a great system and we don’t think that we have seen many that go out on a limb to target the higher priced horses. This is mainly because it is so difficult to find winners at these prices and therefore most systems will fail pretty quickly because of this. This system certainly has big winners in abundance. Considering the amount of time and effort that has gone into creating ‘The Awesome Price Finder Racing System’ the price of £ 57.00 we feel is very reasonable. Once payment for this method has been received, you will receive a PDF copy via email within minutes! Originally sold by Castle for £57.

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  • The Awesome Price Finder
    The Awesome Price Finder
  • The Awesome Price Finder Results
    The Awesome Price Finder Results

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