96% Horse Racing Betting System

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96% Horse Racing Betting System

This method, as you would gather from the title, has shown an incredible 96% win rate on horse racing, winning almost every single day.

Results at the time this method was purchased were: 7 winning days out of 7, with a profit of 7 points (average 2.1 bets per day). Last month there were 25 winning days out of 26, with a 96% strike rate. A profit of over 21 points (average 1.6 bets per day). During the previous month thee were again 25 winning days out of 26, another 96% strike rate, with a profit of over 19 points to level stakes (average of 1.9 bets per day). This method only takes 10 minutes to learn and you will then be able to win as much as you like every day. This is completely straight forward, no complicated rules, ratings, studying of form or the like - Only one simple calculation. This method is completely legal and can be used at any online bookmaker or your local bookies. These are all back bets and there are no lays involved. All bets are singles, with no fancy wagers. You can start with any size bank and simply watch it grow each day. There are never more than 4 bets in a day and no losses are ever carried forward to the next day. The vendor of this method is so confident of the results that he offers purchasers a 14 day money back guarantee.


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  • 96% Horse Racing Betting System
    96% Horse Racing Betting System

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