Bullseye Greyhound Betting System

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Bullseye Greyhound Betting System

This system picks out winning bets with an 83% - 87% accuracy for consistent profits.

The vendor of the method states, “I have been laying greyhounds (betting that a dog will lose) for over 4 years now. Over this time I've tried many systems with varying success. The system I settled on over 6 months ago is based on 3 key pieces of data which are readily available free of charge on the internet. Using Bullseye you will be able to identify dozens of bets from morning into the evening and over my 6 month period the strike rate has been a constant 83-87%. In my guide I will share with you my exact strategy and how to use this to make weekly tax free profits. The information is obtained from one website and you will be able to find 10-20 potential bets in 10-20 minutes. Identifying dogs which will lose 83-87% of the time means we can bet on them to lose on a betting exchange like Betfair and make a profit. As long as we limit the odds we offer as explained in my guide you will profit just like a bookie. For example, say you make 100 bets on these dogs to lose. 87 will lose and you will win money. You will pay out on the other 13 but as long as your odds are below 7-1 you are guaranteed a profit. My system identifies hundreds of losers below these odds every week. Don't be put off by the low price! This is a quality guide, quality information, a winning strategy.


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  • Bullseye Greyhound Betting System
    Bullseye Greyhound Betting System

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