The Empirical Lottery Method

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The Empirical Lottery Method

This is a new lottery method aimed to give you an edge when

The vendor of this method states, “Are you sick of winning little or no money on the Lottery? I have looked over a number of so called life changing lottery systems and none seemed to work like the hype suggested they would. I have spent a great deal of time looking through patterns, trends and have developed a strategy that will give you a much greater chance of winning money on the national lottery. The vendor has produced a set of easy to follow rules for selecting your numbers in order to give you a much greater chance of winning something than you would otherwise have picking your own numbers or using the lucky dip. The vendor states that using this method he has had 137 wins, admittedly mostly wins of 3 or 4 balls, but it does show that his method is selecting winning numbers much more consistently than you would achieve with the lucky dip.


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  • The Empirical Lottery Method
    The Empirical Lottery Method

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