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This method is a system rarity - a Greyhound system that can be used on any dog track in the world.

Greyhound racing differs so much from country to country that it has been difficult to find a "universal system". We have it! A brilliant system that can be used anywhere in the world - wherever there is greyhound racing.


The selection method is very simple, generating constant profits because of a simple and very clever mathematical application of the bets. Long losing runs are very rare. By sticking to the system and not modifying it in any way will generate good profits. By starting with small stakes and reinvesting profits you can gradually increase the stakes to be generating consistent high profits.


The system is operated on a daily basis, one meeting a day. The vendor advises that they have checked the system over a considerable period. A typical 6 day period where there would be about 72 races will have on average 45% winning bets. Because of the clever mathematical system, this will result in the region of £200 profit at £1 stakes and over £1000 at £5 stakes.

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