How to Play the National Lottery

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How to Play the National Lottery

This is a new lottery system recently advertised

The vendor of this method states, “In these troubled times the National Lottery provides everybody, regardless of wealth, status, background, creed or colour, the opportunity to make their wildest dreams come true. This is a system I have built up through much trial and error over the last 5 years, which enables you to predict the “spread†of numbers that are likely to come up in any given lottery draw and therefore allows me to tailor my number selection accordingly to maximise my chances of winning a prize. What do I mean by “spread� Well, the UK Lottery is based on 7 numbers being drawn, 6 main numbers and a bonus ball. The “spread†is the gaps between the numbers i.e. are they all high numbers, all low numbers or a good mix? If you can predict this with at least some degree of consistency then you massively increase your chances.


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  • How to Play The National Lottery
    How to Play The National Lottery

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