The 100 Handicap Method

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The 100 Handicap Method

The 100 HANDICAP SYSTEM operates on ALL Handicap Races of distances from five furlongs to over three miles.

This method was recently advertised in a circular stating, “To most punters, handicap races are a complex, and more often than not, a most confusing way of trying to find and back winners. This, naturally, comes about because the official handicapper has to allocate different weights to take into consideration many factors including previous successes, anticipated improvement, age, sex and so on… With such complexities in abundance it is no surprise that some punters endeavour to avoid betting on Handicap Races at all costs. For very obvious reasons most investors will not even try to comprehend the finer points of Handicap racing. However, those who do avoid Handicaps are, in my mind, losing out on a small fortune by doing so. I genuinely feel that if you are serious about making money from horse racing betting then it is your duty to at least try to understand the basics of handicap racing and you will quickly realise that it is not the arduous task which you first imagined. I promise you this: the information contained in this 100 HANDICAP METHOD is definitely something which should be an integral part of your ammunition to beat the bookmaker. You can rest assured that once you have a copy of this 100 HANDICAP SYSTEM in your hands you will firstly understand the intricacies of Handicap Races and you will then go and not only clearly see the very best way to regularly win by betting on Handicap Races but you will start amassing hitherto unseen profits. Then you will realise just exactly what you have been missing out on due to your hitherto lack of knowledge and interest in Handicap Races. The 100 HANDICAP SYSTEM will explain with the utmost clarity a few facts on handicapping which you must essentially know prior to placing a bet on these types of horse races. Primarily you will the be enlightened to see a superb method that will prove how easily you can profit from this type of bet. The 100 HANDICAP SYSTEM will provide you with winners up to 10/1. Sold for £55.

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  • The 100 Handicap Method
    The 100 Handicap Method

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