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Sensational New Winning Horse Racing System

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Your Chance to Own...A Sensational New Winning Horse Racing System Read and MAKE MONEY... Can an extra £500+ per week totally tax free improve your lifestyle? I am writing to you today because my records show you are one of my best customers and I want you to have something really special. I have been researching a very simple system which is so hot off the press that I have not even named it yet. Just a daily newspaper is needed for this new concept in backing winners This very simple system works using just one daily newspaper and selections can be found in minutes. This simple process will find you about one or two good solid bets per week. You must bet ail selections to win and if you bet 10% of a small betting bank you could soon make a good second income. You will find this exciting new method is so easy to use as it works by checking just a simple rules. When all 8 rules apply to just one horse in the race you have a very solid selection. The system works six days a week and covers both the flat and national hunt racing. Turn your bookmaker into an overflowing Cashbox with these fantastic results Over the last year the powerful process really has been delivering the goods. You could be betting winner after winner. When you receive your copy, please keep the winners to yourself because the profits have been excellent. Just look at some of this impressive sequence of results: 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, lst,2nd,lst,2nd,lst, 3rd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd,lst,lst,2nd,lst, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st. These are just a few winners this professional new system has had this year. Can an extra £500+ per week totally tax free improve your lifestyle? With this type of results, you could easisy make £500 per week. As 1 have said many times, set yourself a target of how much you would like to earn per week. Then slowly work your way up increasing your strike rate after every winner, because the strike Tate is so high using this method you will soon be reaching your target. Infact the results have been so good I am restricting numbers to just a few copies. That way I can keep in contact with you and the prices not get affected. Plus, all the money you make is totally tax free. Please phone me anytime after you receive your copy. The 2 years of research made me drop rny jawll It's taken me over 2 years to research my new winning system. The reason why it's taken so long is because I waijted to check it out thoroughly. My staff and i have checked over 2 years' worth of back copies of the Daily Mail. That's, over 730 days of racing. After our research we then watched the results for the next 12 weeks and they were breath-taking. That's why I am so confident that this opportunity wiii make you loads of tax free cash in the future. More interesting still... The shortest path to making money from horse racing is using systems It is my true belief that using systems and methods is the best way to make money gambling over a long period. As you know I have had horses in training with some of the top trainers in Newmarket. Not one could guarantee me a winner. That's why I always use systems and methods for my own selections. On rare occasions some stable lad may come up with a winner but ask yourself this... would stable lads be mucking out horse s**t at 5 o'clock in the morning if they could back winners? Please, please forget about inside information. Profit from the wisdom of one of the very best I have worked with systems and methods since 1981 and I must have checked over 1000 systems. I would say without doubt this new system is one of the very best systems I have used. The system is built on so much sound logic and that's why it works so well. With all the unemployment and the financial world in such a mess, it really is a must to receive a copy. When you receive the system you will know what ever goes on in your financial world you will always have a winning method to fall back on. You could be winning more money in one week than your neighbours will be earning in a few months. That's why you must never tell anyone how the method works. Many of the winners I have picked for my telephone tipping service were selected using this method. Say yes today and tomorrow you'll know how to become wealthy As you can clearly see this new system is a real winner. If you use this system correctly there is no reason why you could not become wealthy in the next few years. Now that the betting exchanges exist you could make as much as you like with a winning system. That's why you should start small and as the profits start rolling in, gradually increase the amount you win. When you have made say £5000, take some out for yourself, that's what I do and I recommend you do the same. Unlike any system you have ever used There is so much money available on the betting exchanges that letting you have a copy of this amazing new method will not affect me winning. I truly believe you could achieve an excellent profit in the next 12 months using the system. You must be thinking about all the financial possibilities from using the method? That's why I am only going to sell you a copy if you promise you will use the system when it arrives. Working with clients like you gives me great pleasure and its lovely getting letters, thanking me for all my efforts. That's one of the reasons I want you to have this incredible system. I will be helping you over the next few months to really get to grips with this world of betting. That's why you should make sure you receive your copy because it really is something special. Over the next few months the system will give you the chance to become a full time professional gambler. As a loyal client I will only offer you the very, very best. When all said and done. I havefound a system that works - Period Like with any money making idea, you have to think positively. There will be times when using the method you'll think winning is like shelling peas. Then you may have one or two that get beat. Please do not let this stop you making money. That's the trouble with most systems - when you hit the losing run. The brilliant thing about this system is that it has such a high strike rate that long losing runs are rare. In fact the system has recently had 14 winners from 19 bets -fantastic 73% STRIKE RATE You'll never find an easier sure fire way to back winners...The results are amazing As you can see from the results above, they are totally amazing. This new system should give you a lot of fun, excitement and a nice second income. The other great thing about the method is that it works totally different from any other system you have used in the past. That means you can use it on its own or with other systems. Occasionally, it may pin-point a different selection to one of your other systems or methods. But I would never bet against this system selections because the strike rate of winners is so high. It really is a fantastic system. Absolutely no knowledge required. Here's How to get started All you will need to operate this winner finding system is a copy of the Daily Mail newspaper. The Methodology will work using other papers but for best results please stick to the Mail. There will be no need to buy the Racing post or any other newspaper. The only other thing you will need to get started is a small pool of money to use for betting. Here's The Deal My new system is without doubt a real proven winner. I know if you back the next 100 bets it should make you a very nice profit. I also know you are a trusted loyal client that's why I am letting you have your copy for just £100! Within a few bets I would expect you to have paid for the system out of your profits Let's see what other clients have to say about the system. One of my long standing clients is Mrs Julie Whiteside from Salisbury. She has been betting horses since 1989 when her fathers, horse won a steeple chase at Cheltenham. She has tried loads of tipping services and tried and tested over 100 systems. I sent her this new system to test over a four month period and this is what she said: "This is probably the most consistently winning system t have ever used. In fact, the first two bets I placed got beaten, then it had 9 winners on the trot with these prices - 4/1, 4/6, 5/2, 7/4,15/8, 3/1, 6/4,9/4, and 2/1. Over my four month trial the system produced an 84% strike rate with the longest losing run being just 3 and the longest winning run was an incredible 11. It is a real winner and I fully recommend anyone to give it a go. Yours faithfully, Julie Whiteside"


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    Sensational New Winning Horse Racing System

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