The Vellasio Roulette System + CLS Holy Grail Roulette System

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The Vellasio Roulette System + CLS Holy Grail Roulette System

These methods are being sold together following the advice of the vendor to use these methods in combination.

THE VELLASIO ROULETTE SYSTEM is “a system designed to bring in very large profits based on mathematics and a strategy. The CLS HOLY GRAIL SYSTEM is “a system designed to bring in steady profits. The vendor advises that “the greatest strategy is using the Vellasio System and CLS HOLY GRAIL together in combination. The results by using these two together have been unbelievable. The beauty is that you use the small steady profits of the CLS with the combination of the big money winnings of the Vellasio Discover a way to never lose in the long run, which is the major flaw of all systems”. A sample play produced a profit of 63,500 points from 1000 spins, which is a profit of £63,500 at £1 a point using a £500 bank roll. A graph of the results shows clearly that there was never a steady period of losses, with very few losses. Even in the event of a rare loss, the bankroll would not have been endangered. “The Vellasio system allows you to lose roughly the same amount of bets you win and still produce huge profits. This does not mean that you will lose half of the time, because you will place several bets for each spin. This is a way for you to win money!!! Follow the systems carefully and you will succeed”. Do not get greedy and start betting more when the system does not call for that. The system is very well explained, with diagrams and pictures, so you can easily follow along. The vendor lays out the mathematics behind the systems. It is very easy to understand and you will pick up on it quickly. After you read the systems you will see that a lot of time has been put into designing each system. NB: This is not a Martingdale System! You are not increasing your bets after a loss. The methods use proven mathematics that say when to bet and how much.

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  • The Vellasio Roulette System
    The Velasio Roulette System
  • CLS Holy Grail Roulette System
    CLS Holy Grail Roulette System

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