The Spin20 Roulette System

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The Spin20 Roulette System

A great roulette system for use in the betting shop or on online casinos

The vendor of this method states that, “it is for use on bookmakers fixed odds betting terminals, PC, and mobile devices. Spin20 is the perfect way to make some spare cash. I operate this roulette system once or twice a day - (there are good reasons, that you will learn on purchase, why we can't work with this more often) - and it can be used on any bookmakers FOBT or online casino. There's absolutely no doubling up involved - and if you play away from the betting shop environment, and can find an online casino that offers 'free spins', (where no stake has to be placed in order to spin the wheel), £105 is all you need as a bankroll; you may require a little more using a FOBT, as Red, Black and Zero all have to be covered to enable spins - then of course, there is always a chance of the zero coming up - in which case you will make even more profit! Winning between £45 to £90, maybe £100 pounds per day, is commonplace using this ingenious method; not a fortune I know, but it quickly adds up throughout the week; and doing as I do on a mobile device or at home, by switching your game to 'fast play' (through 'options'), gets the job done in a couple of minutes! Reason for the system title? well, its simple, you have to spin the wheel 20 times before you place your one and only SPECIAL NUMBERS BET of £105 - and these 20 spins are just straightforward, no staking, no study spins - it doesn't matter what results turns up. So £105 is the betting bank required using a 'free spin' wheel, and when you win, you MUST stop wherever you are playing for at least 6 hours - or if you are able, change casino or bookmakers to allow you to start again even sooner. Spin20 took years of study and lots of money to develop, I can't just give this secret away for nothing, and the price that I am charging is very reasonable. So confident is the vendor about the profitability of this method that for customers buying direct through him he offers to refund the cost of the system if you are not totally amazed by its effectiveness. I mention this only to highlight how confident the vendor is of the effectiveness of this method.

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    Spin20 Roulette System

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