The Luck of The Irish Lottery System

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The Luck of The Irish Lottery System

With the changes coming to the UK Lottery in October reducing your chances of winning cash prizes, now may be the time to look to the Irish Lottery as a replacement.

Having retained the use of 45 numbers, the chances of winning the Jackpot on the Irish lottery just over 1 in 8,000,000 compared with the decrease in chance of winning the UK Lottery after the changes to 1 in 45,000,000. The difference is due to the UK Lottery changing to the use of 59 balls instead of the current 49. So maybe now is the time to start to follow the Irish Lottery, which means you are choosing 6 numbers from only 45 numbers. The Irish lottery Draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday and consists of three draws – these are Main Draw, Draw 2 and Draw 3. Six balls and one bonus draw is drawn meaning that seven numbers are drawn from 1 to 45. Bets can be placed on the Irish Lottery at your Local Bookmakers or online, with a large number of online bookmakers taking bets on the Lottery. The estimated returns for bets on the Irish Lottery are better than on the UK National Lottery. Odds for getting One ball 11/2; Two balls 55/1; Three balls 575/1; Four Balls 6,500/1; Five Balls 99,999/1. You can select as many numbers as you like and pick which bet you like. This system is based on the main draw only, although from my findings I would envisage that you could use it on either of the other draws so long as you do the correct analysis. Our system will generate eight numbers for you to bet on in permutations of trebles. Also, although the system generates eight numbers for you, you could use the first six numbers should you wish and bet on these in Doubles, Trebles and Four Folds. If you want to go for the eight number selection covering these with trebles this will mean that you are covering 56 Bets on each draw and you only need to get three of the eight on the actual draw and you will be a winner. If you bet 20p each bet (i.e. each draw) this will cost you £11.20 and if you get three numbers up you will win £115.20 based on the above odds, a Profit of £104. Buy this method now and improve your chances of winning on The Irish Lottery.


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    The Luck of the Irish Lottery System

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