Grid Greyhound Racing System

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Grid Greyhound Racing System

This method boasts a new approach to greyhound betting

The vendor for this method states, “Analysis of greyhound racing form is usually concerned with comparing time with grade – However, I have discovered a different approach to this. In horse racing, form from the placing of an animal in its last three or six outings are commonplace as a guide to future performance. Certain form figures, if followed for a consistent period of time can show small level stake profits. In Greyhound racing it could be argued that this straightforward approach would be useless to follow. The reasons for this being the constant re-grading of greyhounds on the basis of time in relation to the class of the opposition could render form figures somewhat suspect, more so as the final placing of a race in a lot of cases are effected by “trouble” at the bends. However, I have been looking closely for a period of time now at performance figures for greyhound races at different levels of competition and have come up with this method”.


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  • Grid greyhound Betting System
    Grid Greyhound Betting System

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