Castle Fixed Odds System Package

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Castle Fixed Odds System Package

We feel that this is the best football and fixed odds package that you can buy, containing some of the most popular football systems ever sold.

This Package includes:


1. SATURDAY FIXED ODDS SINGLE – J Griffiths claims that this is an ingenious method that produces a Saturday Fixed Odds Single. He states you will achieve odds of 20/1 - 24/1 selecting just one result. Not a Correct Score either, but a simple win. Over 3 seasons it has produced the following profits. 93/94, £6397 with only 2 losing weekends. 94/95, £4762 with only 5 losing weekends. 95/96, £5,463 with only 3 losing weekends. Your winnings will always be between £110 and £450 a week.


2. THE XS FIXED ODDS METHOD - This incredible Fixed Odds system by Joe Kane claims a 100% success rate. Incredibly it really does win all of the time. The vendor claims to have been betting professionally on football for several years, and now uses only this method of fixed odds betting to keep him in profit season after season. The system is simple to use, without any complicated perms or plans, and does not require a large bank to bet with. If you follow this method you can expect a return over the season of around 50 times your unit stake with minimal risk. Genuine 100% strike rate, system XS always wins.


3. ROUND 10 CORRECT SCORE PLAN - The circular for this method states that Correct Score Betting can be very profitable but it is one of the most difficult areas to succeed in. Only 3 matches can provide up to 272 variations or more as far as results are concerned, so we must be fully aware of the odds against us. This plan tries to tip the balance in your favour by using more common results, such as, 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 etc. They state that the method is very simple to use, and while you will not retire on your winnings, a regular profit should be made.


4. SCIMITAR - This method is suitable for both the Treble Chance and finding selections for the Fixed Odds coupons. The system teaches you how to use the current league tables to obtain certain information that will enable you to predict which teams will win and which games will produce a draw. Some simple mathematics and a simple calculator is all you will require in the way of equipment. The system is presented in very easy stages step by step. Some examples are given for you to work out and the answers are provided so you can check to see if you are working correctly. There is no hit or miss about this system. Once you have worked through the teams on the coupon you needn't look to see what the Experts are saying. You will be in a position to tell them a thing or two about forecasting yourself.


5. THE OPEN BOOK - Falkner states that to win well and frequently with football odds coupons and treble chance, look no further than The Open Book. The accuracy is fabulous, giving up to 100% correct results per week. It shows how to use the simple form displayed in daily and weekly newspapers, to win at excellent odds. This major work is packed with superbly accurate and reliable information. It works all the year through both the UK winter season and the Australian summer season, giving up to as many as: 25 home wins correct every week; 18 away wins correct every week; 21 draws correct every week. The Open Book is a very accurate publication for football coupons, with coupon entries. Be amazed at how often your predicted results are correct, giving more chances of winning big profits. Buy all 6 systems in this single package that will help you to win throughout the football season.

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  • Castle Fixed Odds System Package
    Castle Fixed Odds System Package

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