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Star Horse Racing System

The vendor advises that this system is capable of generating £1,121.43 in less than 24 hours!

The full advert for this method is being sent out via circular this week, but is available via email request to The vendor advises that “this betting system has been paralysing the bookies for the past decade. Son of an underground legend spills the beans on his 10 year profit formula capable of generating £1,121.43 in less than 24 hours! The advert enclosed details the selections made by the system that produced an incredible profit of £1,121.43 in one day from relatively small stakes. The vendor details his background in the advert, leading to when “ the online world of racing emerged and that’s when everything changed”. The vendor has produced a screenshot of his bank balance showing a very healthy balance of £171,234.61 – most of us can all dream of having such a balance on our own bank accounts! He goes on to say that “making money from horse racing now became easier than it had ever been before”. The vendor advises, “now it’s your turn to enjoy profitable days like I did on 20th February 2016”. The vendor advises that he has been taking in £2000 per month using this method that had been created by he and his father. The best part? It can work for anyone! The vendor advises that “by looking at races from a slightly different perspective I have managed to shortlist the runners using my unique formula which enables me to pick out massive winners like these”. February’s big winners included (at Betfair odds): Bangkok Pete, Won @ 18.74 (17.74/1); Justice First, Won @ 17.82 (16.82/1); Sandfrankskipsgo, Won @ 13.5 (12.5/1). The vendor states, “remember, slow and steady wins the race. Bet with my strong methodological and time tested system and you are sure to win!” The vendor goes on to state that “2016 is going to be your most profitable year to date. Forget all the worries about how to pay your mortgage or help out your kids at Uni. Forget the complications, the frustration and everything else you have been feeling – with this you can grab the no-fuss success you’ve been looking for”. “The overwhelming reason for my consistent success is I have overcome emotions of fear and greed. I use the Star System every single day (it takes about 20 minutes to use depending on the number of races for that day). I stick to it and don’t call it quits after the first few losses. “Some months will bring you better profits than others, and losses are inevitable. As long as we net out in profit at the end of the month, it should not be a problem at all”. Some excellent testimonials have been provided in the advert! We will provide bonus systems with every order focused on backing horses to win – worth £120!!!! This method is being sold by the vendor at £37. CASTLE PRICE ONLY £15

was £15.00
NOW £10.00

Files included with this product

  • Stan Safe Betting System
    Stan Safe Betting System
  • Star Horse System
    Star Horse System
  • The Rice Rating Formula
    The Rice Rating Formula

All files are in PDF format and are sent to you by email upon payment.

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