The Profectus Formula

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The Profectus Formula

This Amazing System has made an average monthly profit of £3,525 over the 6 month trial period

This amazing method has recently been advertised by circular The vendor for this method advises, “You are now going to read about what must be the best, most reliable horse racing system you have ever seen. Five years have been spent on making this the most consistent money making horse racing system ever. Do you want to take the gamble out of gambling? The Profectus Formula is definitely the best – and I’ll guarantee it!” “There are certain things we insist on before we’ll put a betting system up for sale – Those things are… Long Term Profitability, regular well-priced winners, simple straightforward instructions. When we first developed this system we knew we were onto something special, but it took a few years of testing, researching and fine-tuning before we were 100% satisfied. Those years have not been wasted. The “Profectus Formula” is without doubt the best opportunity you will ever have to finally make a real income from horse racing”. The vendor is so confident about his claims that he is offering all customers who buy the system from him direct at £147 a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee. He states, “that’s right, 100% Lifetime Money Back full refund means that any month you do not make a profit, we will give you your money back. Have you ever heard of anyone giving you a guarantee like this? Of course not, nobody else has the confidence in their products like we do in ours. Read our guarantee and you’ll see just how confident we are about how effective The Profectus Formula is”. The vendor goes on to state, “Follow this formula and you will make a substantial profit – with absolutely no risk. We expect those profits to be immediate, but to really prove it to you we will give you not 30, not 60 days, not even a 90 day guarantee. We are giving you a lifetime guarantee!”. “The Profectus Formula is simplicity itself to follow, so the risk of making an error is almost non existent. The formula was written, developed and tested by us, so surely it makes sense that we should accept responsibility for the results it produces. When we say gambling no longer exists we truly mean it. Losing is not an option!” The results for the last 6 months are: SIX MONTHS PROFIT MONTH ONE PROFIT - £7,002 MONTH TWO PROFIT - £1,592 MONTH THREE PROFIT - £3,552 MONTH FOUR PROFIT - £2,792 MONTH FIVE PROFIT - £1,845 MONTH SIX PROFIT - £4,370 AVERAGE MONTHLY PROFIT £3,525 The above profits have been achieved from an average of 21 bets per month and a strike rate of 43%. “Profits are based on the Profectus Formula Staking Plan, with stakes starting at £50 per bet. “The Long Term Profits come from regular, consistent, decent priced winners”. Should you require a copy of the full circular, including a list of questions and answers provided by the vendor and a list of comments provided by current users of the method, please send an email to Originally Sold at £147 - CASTLE PRICE ONLY £20

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  • The Profectus Formula
    The Profectus Formula

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