Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) System

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Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) System

A Great System for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

The vendor for this method states, “I can personally guarantee that every time you walk into the bookies, you will walk out with a profit using this loophole… Yes, Guaranteed!!!” “We have been exploiting a loophole in the programming of FOBT to bank upwards of £120 a day!! This software hack works every time”. “You know the machines I am talking about, the ones that are spread all around your local betting shop. They have roulette, slots and all sorts of games you can bet on. These machines are there to fleece you from your hard earned cash! Well not anymore! We have discovered a secret loophole that enables you to win EVERY TIME you play them! I kid you not….” The vendor goes on to say, “I know this is going to sound completely stupid and random, but I have been told about a loophole and I have been trying it and it has worked every time for 6 weeks… To my utter amazement it works! I walk into the bookies and have never walked out with less than £5 profit in never more than 10 minutes, 5 of that was in the payout queue”. “You won’t make millions, but can make money every time with knowledge of this very simple but effective loophole. I have made nearly £200 in 3 weeks, doing it 4 times a week, only because of time constraints. Today I went into my local bookmaker, I walked into Ladbrokes with £20 and 20 minutes later I walked out wit £60 in cash. The day before I walked in to BetFred and a few minutes later I was £25 richer. There is an amazing 100% loophole that has worked 100% of the time. Turn £20 into £40 in 5 minutes!!! I have tested the loophole for 6 weeks and it has worked every single time. As long as you follow this system you can walk to a bookmakers and a few minutes later walk out with a profit. It’s like having your very own FREE cash machine! Sold at £125.99


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    FOBT System

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