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Casino Killer

This is described as a bulletproof roulette system!

The vendor of this method advises, “This is one of the best roulette systems today! This is a bulletproof system that wins 100% everytime”. It has never failed us. This is not a statement, it’s a fact. From the creators of a successful out of this world roulette system comes the new, land casino oriented, magnificent system called casino killer. Guided by the experience from the development of the out of this world system we concluded that the roulette statistics is in fact its worst enemy, as we know that at the end of each session the ratio between eg. Red and black colour will be roughly 50%-50% with only small fluctuations. These stats also apply to other roulette elements. Today there are hundreds of playing systems. Simple ones as well as ones that are more complicated. But none of them offers long-term earnings and safety as much as Casino Killer Predecessor, out of this world roulette system. So, we concluded it should be kept simple. We gathered information from other systems, found their strengths, improved their weaknesses, implemented our solutions and turned all that information into a bulletproof system called CASINO KILLER!


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