The CSI Football Betting System

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The CSI Football Betting System

An incredible football system focusing on the correct score market

The vendor advises that The CSI (Correct Score Investigator) Football Betting System has been extremely profitable since the 2014/15 season, and has been profitable every season since I began this type of strategy in 2007/2008. I usually use this system after then first 10 games into a season. This book focuses on the Correct Score market (the 1-0 scoreline) and uses statistics to earn large profits over the course of a season. The effort required by you is minimal to use this system. Bets can be placed with a betting exchange or a regular bookmaker and there is no time effort required other than a few minutes each weekend to see what games are on. All bets are placed outright, there is no trading involved. The system focuses primarily on the English, Spanish, French and Italian leagues, but this exact system can be applied to many other Worldwide leagues. This system requires a basic knowledge of betting exchanges, but does not require any software”


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  • The CSI Football Betting System
    The CSI Football Betting System

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