The Roy Cropper Football Betting System

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The Roy Cropper Football Betting System

A method for the first goal scorer, which is a very profitable bet!

The vendor for this method states, “This is a system which focuses on the First Goal scorer market and uses a very effective staking plan to earn a high return from what is a high odds bet. I apply it to the English Premiership and Championship, as well as the Spanish La Liga, however it can be applied to any worldwide league. Nearly all bookmakers and betting exchanges accept first goal scorer bets, so this system is not limited to Betfair. I generally place my bets with Betfair given the better odds on offer, however, I always check in case a bookmaker is offering better odds, or has an occasional special for the game (e.g. double odds if your first goal scorer bet wins or a money back special). The system involves placing an outright bet before kick off, so there is no in play trading, or no requirement to monitor the progress of the game. All research is conducted pre-kick off and this research is not time consuming. This is very much a system to be used in the background as a slow but powerful earner. It can take up to 10 weeks to close one bet so it differs in timing to other betting systems which can be applied to a single game. For this reason, it can be easily applied with minimal effort and used at the same time as several other betting systems. The First Goal scorer is a very profitable bet to take for the bookies, but with the careful staking strategy applied in this book, along with some high level statistical analysis, you can ensure you stay on this bet long enough in each transaction to make it very profitable over time”.

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  • The Roy Cropper Football Betting System
    The Roy Cropper Football Betting System

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