Football Betting System 2018

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Football Betting System 2018

The vendor for this method advises it is very hard for this system with the staking plan alongside it to lose.

This author of this method advises that this is his first ever football system, stating “I have been making and selling horse racing systems for years but recently someone asked me if I made football systems and I said no. This made me think well why not, so I looked into it. I also realised that the best time to come up with a new system was at the end of the season so that you can look at all the seasons results. This is exactly what I have done. This system can be used on any league and for any country, although I have based in on the Premier League for now. When I have made horse racing systems I have often put a staking plan alongside it. This means that when you have a bet, if your selection loses you simply move onto the next selection and your next bet in your staking plan. If the staking plan is used over say 10 bets then any winner in those 10 bets will always show you a profit. You then simply bank your profit and start again from bet one. I have done the same thing with this football system. Having looked at all the seasons results I have noticed that certain patterns occur with just about every team in any league. I can’t go into detail without giving the system away, but it is very hard for this system with the staking plan alongside it to lose. This is because we are using a staking plan so if our first bet loses we simply try again with the next bet in our staking plan. From what I have seen over the past few seasons, using mainly mid table teams, this system takes some beating. Plus, if you had the time and you really wanted to go for it you could use this system for more than one league. This is a very easy system to follow and to use and your bets can be placed in seconds.

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  • Football Betting System 2018
    Football Betting System 2018

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