The Betfair Football Betting System

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The Betfair Football Betting System

A system that gives you the edge over the bookie with a sensible betting formula

The vendor for this method describes it as “a sensible way of betting and if you follow it, it will always protect your stake first and foremost before anything else and then will go on to make you regular money! But, and there is a but, you must not get greedy and you must be patient and last but not least you must stick to the rules! I am not going to rant on about all the systems I have bought and how rubbish they were but what they did do, was to make me work out my own successful way of making money from betting. What this method gives you is “The Edge Over the Bookie”. When you have a bet you should have at least a 50% chance of winning. The odds should never be in the bookies favour, but in your favour! You will learn through this method how you can have “The Edge Over the Bookie”.

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  • The Betfair Fotball Betting System
    The Betfair Fotball Betting System

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