The Secret Fixed Odds System

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The Secret Fixed Odds System

This system is different to what you have been used to

Like a lot of other participants of the FIXED ODDS I too have purchased countless so-called systems that promised to make me rich. I spent hours upon hours and late night after late night, studying Form, league tables, statistic after statistic. Every system promised that I would win lots and lots of money, The obvious problem to these promises soon became quite evident, The authors of these so called incredible systems, all had the same failing, they had based their systems on the safety factor, so safe, that they advocated picking teams that were so certain to win (NOT TRUE), that the odds offered by the bookie were so low, that to WIN any decent amount would mean placing a hell of a lot of money in the first place. Now if you would be happy winning around £20 a week, then these plans are for you, but if like me, you want to show a profit to reflect your time in chasing one, then these plans certainly are not for you. This method will probably take a bit of getting used to I warn you now. It is very different to what you have been used to and at first you will think that I am round the bend, 1 assure you, that what I have discovered will change the way that punters will view the fixed odds coupon and ultimately, the way that they bet. The beauty of my system over the usual is that you do not have to have as many wins to be in profit. Indeed, you can suffer more losses than usual and still be a winner. This system provides you with the details of a number of different plans to support you in making money from the bookmaker.

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  • The Secret Fixed Odds System
    The Secret Fixed Odds System

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