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The Football Duo System

The vendor advises that profits will mount up with this incredible football system

“Welcome to the football Duo System. If you, the punter, implement my system fully to the letter, this manual will greatly transform your chances of winning. Football betting is a notorious area consisting of somewhat dubious tipsters, and of course, luck. However, help is at hand. Read through my system carefully and you will learn which teams to select and back by merely accessing and analysing readily available information. The bookmakers hate people like us because we nearly always (no system is inflammable) select the matches which give the bookmakers the slightest edge against backers. Fuse this with our ability to select frequent winners and a formulated staking plan, and you will have the knowledge and discipline to consistently win at this game called football. But before we continue I’d like to dispel a common myth that football “experts” are clairvoyant. Like other football backing professionals, I’m not psychic and can’t merely select a succession of winners from each game to establish a lucrative income from my seemingly psychic ability. Instead, professional gamblers are able to absorb important decisive factors on the odds of a match and which team or score etc is good value to back. In this way the odds of winning are greatly increased. Not every match will be won, but over time, by assessing and absorbing the criteria effectively, the odds are on your side meaning you will win more often than you encounter a loss. Always remember this when backing a team: You have one extensive advantage over the bookmaker – the ability to exploit and be selective over which team you back. The bookmakers may think they have attributed relevant odds to a match, but with some reflection and analysis we will only ever select a match that represents good value for us. My short no-fluff course will therefore arm you with the ability to select football matches that will win. Inescapably, profits will thus mount-up. I therefore hope you enjoy the course. Good luck and here’s to your financial future.

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  • The Football Duo System
    The Football Duo System

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