The Health Lottery System

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The Health Lottery System

This system consists of very clever plans with the aim of helping you win The Health Lottery

The vendor for this method states, “Here is a tremendous new system for the UK Health Lottery. Not only are you shown the numbers to use, but you will also receive some very clever plans that significantly increase your chances of winning. The inventor of the system has a method of finding the numbers to play based on previous recent results. You are shown how to do this, so you know exactly which numbers to use. We have also used a powerful computer program to construct wheeling systems that are highly efficient and cost-effective. They are included with the System. The smallest of the plans is just 2 lines. They all have various guarantees depending on their size. Every plan has a conditional guarantee of at least 3 or 4 correct. These plans can also be used on Thunderball and the main draw (1 to 50) in EuroMillions. There are plans that allow you pick 10 numbers, 12, 14, 15, 18 numbers, even 22 numbers — almost half the numbers! These plans have been specially constructed for the Health Lottery, but they can also be used on any other 5-ball lottery. All these plans are highly optimized to give you the greatest chance of winning but with the smallest number of lines.


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  • The Health Lottery System
    The Health Lottery System

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